Our Program

  • Our centre implements the National Early Years Learning Framework and operate an Emergent Curriculum. Our programs are centred around the individual needs of the children in our care. We ensure that our programs are balanced and promote healthy curiosity, empathy and critical thinking. 

    We work to provide your child with positive experiences through play and activities. Our goal is to inspire delight, curiosity and engagement within our children. 

    We run an Approved Kindergarten Program in collaboration with teachers from local Primary Schools. We share ideas with local teachers to ensure that our activities incorporate skills that the children will need in school. 


    We received recognition as an ‘Inclusive’ service which we are very proud of. 

    According to Inclusion Support Queensland:

    “Inclusion happens when children are viewed as capable and valued contributors as opposed to having deficits that need to be fixed. Inclusion is about human diversity, where each child is viewed as being unique. True inclusive practice values diversity as a resource that informs all policy and practice.”