Healthy Eating Plans

  • Our experienced Educators know that the best way to encourage healthy development is to ensure that each child receives the best nutrition. 

    We believe that food ingredients should be:

    • Nutritious 
    • Chemical and preservative free
    • Low in sodium and refined sugar
    • Tasty, to ensure a healthy appetite

    Our menu is delivered by Little Tummy Tuckers, a company dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious meals for children. We also have an array of snacks and light meals to keep every child happy and energetic. 

  • Our nutrition labels are free of numbers, to avoid giving our kids artificial food additives. We are dedicated to providing delicious food that each child will love. Parents can rest assured that their little ones are being provided with healthy and nutritious meals.

    Included as part of our centre’s services, children are provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.